dandelion + burdock

Dawn of Man

Glowing Bulbs  (sound design : Gabor Deutsch / anorganik)

Joanie Lemercier

João Penoni

Joel Fitzpatrick

John Ensor Parker

Kris Davidson and Integrated Visions


Michelle and Bryan Dodson (Integrated Visions)

Olek and Michelle P. Dodson

Sarah WalcoJohn Ensor Parker



Form and Substance presents individually curated single-channel video exhibitions. Personally-selected by the Leo Kuelbs Collection, the 34 single-channel videos will be presented in the lobby of the InterContinental Miami.

The exhibitions were presented at different cities in Europe and the USA in 2014 and 2015; and feature a selection of videos from LIGHT YEAR, a monthly series presented by 3_Search on the Manhattan Bridge anchorage in Brooklyn, New York.


Curated by: Karl Erickson and Leo Kuelbs, 2014

Artists include: Danielle de Picciotto+Alexander Hacke, Shir Lieberman, Jonathan Phelps+Fabio Fonda, Sam Marlow+Alon Cohen, Nicole Antebi+Laura Ortman, Jim Ellis, United VJs, Kitzinger Gabor+Alex Hamadey

Exhibited in: Brooklyn, Budapest, Berlin, Frankfurt, Los Angeles, Rio de Janiero, Miami



Curated by Leo Kuelbs, 2015

Artists include: Bordos, Daniela Imhoff, Mighty Kongbot, Kitzinger Gabor+Alex Hamadey, Karl Erickson+Justin King, Visakh Menon+Heavy Birds, Nina Sobell+Laura Ortman, Jeremy Couillard+Dennis Vos

Exhibited in Brooklyn, Berlin, Miami


“Transflexion: The Net of Mirrors

Curated by Leo Kuelbs, 2015

Artists include: Bordos, Helga Griffiths, Caspar Stracke, Robert Seidel

Curated by Eike Berg and Leo Kuelbs

Exhibited in Munich, Brooklyn and Miami



Curated by Leo Kuelbs, 2015

Artists include: Vadim Schaeffler, Ryan Uzilevsky, Thomas Rotenberg, Joao Vasco Paiva, TG Noise

Exhibited in Brooklyn and Miami


Marble House Presents | Decomposing Hierarchies

Curated by Sarah Walko, 2015

Artists include: Anne Katrine-Senstad, Catherine Page Harris, Orit Ben-Shitrit, Margeaux Walter, and Jeannette Ehlers

All artists were residents at the Marble House Project in 2015

Exhibited as part of LIGHT YEAR in Brooklyn and Miami


Videos by Kim Joon

Presented by Leo Kuelbs Collection

Videos by Kim Joon

“Cradle Song_Blue Fish,” Edition of 10, 2009

“Red Snake,” Edition of 10, 2015

Courtesy of Waterfall Mansion, NYC

As part of The Leo Kuelbs Collection


New Video Art from Berlin

Curated by Daniela Imhoff, 2015

Artists include: Daniela Imhoff, Sarah Mock, Laszlo Antal, Anna Maysuk         

Exhibited as part of LIGHT YEAR in Brooklyn and Miami